• Upload your images/flash files
  • Create ads in minutes
  • Preview your ads on our site
  • Place your generated ad code on your website and/or ad server to run your ads!
Yearly Price
Montly Price
Design your images and or flash files, upload them to our server and start creating ads for your advertisers!
It's just as simple to create an ad if you can make your own images or flash files, or you have someone to create them for you.
Ad Serving
Ad Serving
Run your ads on any ad server and or website.

Ad Types Available

  • Catfish Ads
  • Expanding Ads (728x90, 300x250, 160x600)
  • Sliding Billboard Ads
  • SideRail Ads

Quick: Create your image and flash ads in minutes!

Easy: No coding knowledge needed. Just create your images and or flash files, upload them and fill out the required fields and click save! Your ad code is generated for you.

Multiple Devices: Since the ads can use flash and images, they will run on PC, mobile phone and tablet devices.

Tracking: Each ad will track how many times a user ran their mouse over your ad as well as how many times it was clicked on. Other ad types have additional tracking which will show how much total time was spent viewing the ad and the average user time spent on the ad.

** Flash Ad option now available!! **

There are many online ad creation services out there right? So, what makes EZ AdMaker a better choice? Well, first off we cost much less! Those other services will charge you $10 or more per CPM for each ad you create.

Now, what if you created an ad through one of these other services and then you want to run that ad with a local newspaper website. The newspaper is going to charge you per CPM as well. So, now you are paying double the price.

With our service, we have a $5 monthly service so you can try it out for a minimum fee or you can choose $50 for a year membership. Then you can create as many ads as you want and run them on multiple different websites with no additional fees from us!

Our ads can use images and flash. Most people can make simple images or they have someone who can make the images for them.

All exmple ads click through the google website.

WxH (in pixels) Ad Unit Name
728 x 90 Expandable Leaderboard (Example)
300 x 250 Expandable Right or Left Medium Rectangle (Example: Left | Example: Right)
160x600 Expandable Right or Left Wide Skyscraper (Example: Left | Example: Right)
970 x 250 Pushing content down Sliding Billboard (Example)
800 x 79 Catfish (Example)
100x525 Expanding (size can be your choosing) SideRail (Example)

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